Happy April, Fools! We’ve been stoking the fires the whole month of March, and now, as promised – literally on Good Friday, March 25, 2016 – we happily release our objectively good brand new album SONGER into the wild.

We sincerely hope that the time that SONGER has spent in captivity has not broken SONGER‘s spirit, nor dampened SONGER‘s innate ability to transform and transcend beyond SONGER‘s physical boundaries to find SONGER at home, resonant and resplendent, within SONGER‘s indigenous habitat (your ears, silly), in accordance with Natural Law.

Thusly, we offer SONGER, the objectively good new album by Small Awesome to the world, and to you, via Sick Room Records
Grab your copy today. Vinyl comes with a digital download, for your convenience.

“Sold You Out” is the first single from SONGER

“Breech Born” is the second single from SONGER

“Rats and Creeps” is the third single from SONGER:

Most of this is not a joke. See you ’round the ecosphere!

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41. Illuminated

Hello there! This has been a bit of a slow cooker but it’s tomorrow,
so you are now blessed with Saturday night plans.

Saturday, September 17th

8:00 – Life on Mercury
8:30 – Small Awesome
9:15 – Gay Name (Dick Rich record release)
10:00 – Columbines

@ Illuminated Brew Works
[415 N Sangamon St, Chicago]
FREE, All Ages, 8:00 sharp

You know the deal, Illuminated Brew Works is one of the loveliest urban outdoor settings to see music. Comfy shoes, maybe a collapsible chair, and enjoy.

Per usual, there is no cover. There will be some brew available, but the details are unclear. Why don’t you bring your own mug and like a sixer or something, plan on keeping the place neat and we’ll all roll from that common point.

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40. You Wanna Pizza Me?!

Small Awesome recently wrote the title song and some other slices of music
for NYC’s nascent pizza review show, You Wanna Pizza Me?! Enjoy!

Hosted by John Houlihan and Joe Pepe
Directed and Edited by J.A. Schulman
Music by James Call and Small Awesome
Titles by Mr. King

Bonus Slice:

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39. A Monday Night OUT

Happy Independence Day! We haven’t played OUT in a while
lil flyer aug 1

We were busy while we worked OUT the final flourishes on SONGER.
We are coming OUT of hiding on Monday August 1st
This time OUT will be eleven days short of one year since our last show.
We are playing at Township with Hungry Man, OUT, and Petrillo
We go on first at 9:00pm, and you should come OUT

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38. Singing Skull

Happy May Day! We’re on a compilation of comrades called Lake of Fake Live, vol. 1.
Small Awesome is pleased to present Small Awesome Big Band who are pleased to present our song, “Singing Skull”, which is decidedly not live.

It is a studio outtake from our sessions at Caffeinated Recordings recording SONGER
Faiz played guitars and sang, and Jim played bass and drums.
It was recorded and mixed by Matt Engstrom

Lake of Fake Live, vol. 1 contains previously unreleased live and studio material from 15 bands hailing from all over the US including:
Oakland, CA | Chicago, IL | South Bend, IN | St. Louis, MO
Durham, NC | Austin, TX | Kenosha, WI

Music by the Gary, Hungry Man, Kowloon Walled City, the Conformists, Andy Cohen and Light Coma, Dianogah, Mayor for Life, the Cell Phones, Fowlmouth, French Goodbye, Maple Stave, Porch, the Rutabega, Small Awesome Big Band, and My Canadian Girlfriend.

Please enjoy the compilation in full below:

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37. Rats and Creeps and Dudley

Happy Tax Day! It’s our sixth birthday as a live band.
SA n Dudley
Fittingly, Small Awesome is featured performing our third single from SONGER,
“Rats and Creeps” live on the premiere episode of The Dudley Digest.
This show has been a long time coming from viral video vaudevillian Mr. King and his pal Dudley, and we’re gripped to be a part of whatever these two have cooking. Our friends from South Bend, the Rutabega provided the excellent theme song.

It’s……..weird. Enjoy!

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35. Breech Birth

Happy Easter Sunday! Our record was supposed to come out on Good Friday, but there were complications, and its birth has been delayed until April Fool’s Day.
Thanks for holding!
Until then, here is the video for the second single off of SONGER,
“Breech Born”, which is about being born under complications.

The video was animated by Faiz over three days at Columbia
and this particular song was recorded by Small Awesome

You may also peruse the sheet music for it in the gallery below.

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34. Sold You Out

Happy Ides of March. In celebration, here is a song about betrayal.
“Sold You Out” is the first single from our new record, SONGER,
which will be available on Good Friday, March 25th via Sick Room Records

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33. Spines Out

spines out

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32. It So

Heads-up! In our modest celebration of Halloweek, Small Awesome is proud to present the new video for our song, “It So” from our old release, the Still E.P. The video was filmed by Beth Wiedner, Faiz Razi and Jim MacGregor. The song, “It So” was recorded by Matt Engstrom at Caffeinated Recordings. Enjoy!

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