18. the Jury is In

The fine folks at Pocket Jury in the UK just reviewed our twinned EPs in anticipation of the vinyl release of Still Awesome. It is lengthy and thorough and you can read it here.  An excerpt:

“Unsurprisingly, their debut album is a remarkable experience. It’s an odd blend of pastoral beauty and sublimely orchestrated menace which is memorable after two listens, compelling after three and indispensible after four. Subversion of expectations is the overriding characteristic of Still Awesome, which is really a portmanteau of two previously released EPs (Still and Awesome, obviously). By and large there are only two musicians playing on each song but unlike most duos, the songs feel complete. The robust nature of the compositions means that there is never a point whereby you find yourself waiting for the rest of the band to kick in. Some tracks feature acoustic guitar and, heaven forbid, ukulele but it never sounds remotely twee. Razi’s voice is soothing and pleasant but the disconcerting lyrics and subtly unnerving musical accompaniment precludes it from being particularly relaxing. The songs are predominantly hypnotic tapestries of spindly guitar notes and looping bass motifs which are once gorgeous and distinctly unsettling. Most of the tracks on Still Awesome have a serpentine quality – gently but firmly engulfing the listener in a manner which manages to be both sensual and deadly.”


dig it.

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