22. Get Caffeinated


Our amazing friends / Caffeinated Recordings (we recorded Still Awesome there,
and they’ve done pretty much all of our live footage)
got royally screwed by a busted pipe and flooding:

Zoom in (real dimensions: 2048 x 1536)Image

They’re covered by insurance, but they lost a lot of hard-to-replace odds and ends.
There’s folks wanting to kick in a little something, sooner-than-later, to help out.
It occurred to super-fan/super-hero Carlin Reed, there is one possible quick & easy way:

If you get the free download of Caffeinated IV on ye olde bandcamp:

it says:

Buy Now name your price

Just sayin’…

I just overpaid! I suggest y’all do, too.

…it’s got our song “Black Sea of Trees”, and 22 other tunes by 22 brilliant bands.
everything was recorded either at or by Caffeinated. Salut.

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