38. Singing Skull

Happy May Day! We’re on a compilation of comrades called Lake of Fake Live, vol. 1.
Small Awesome is pleased to present Small Awesome Big Band who are pleased to present our song, “Singing Skull”, which is decidedly not live.

It is a studio outtake from our sessions at Caffeinated Recordings recording SONGER
Faiz played guitars and sang, and Jim played bass and drums.
It was recorded and mixed by Matt Engstrom

Lake of Fake Live, vol. 1 contains previously unreleased live and studio material from 15 bands hailing from all over the US including:
Oakland, CA | Chicago, IL | South Bend, IN | St. Louis, MO
Durham, NC | Austin, TX | Kenosha, WI

Music by the Gary, Hungry Man, Kowloon Walled City, the Conformists, Andy Cohen and Light Coma, Dianogah, Mayor for Life, the Cell Phones, Fowlmouth, French Goodbye, Maple Stave, Porch, the Rutabega, Small Awesome Big Band, and My Canadian Girlfriend.

Please enjoy the compilation in full below:

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