4. Rumpus Room

Faiz co-curated an exhibit through Stockyard Institute called Nomadic Studio at the DePaul University Art Museum.

Nomadic Studio was a four and a half month exhibit about the artist and non-traditional studio spaces. For the month of July, we are focusing on the musician and the home studio. As part of the exhibit, Faiz, Brian McNally and Beth Wiedner recreated the Rumpus Room, the space where, among other things, Small Awesome would rehearse. Kelsey Moher took the following picture:

We played with onono and bric-a-brac, both bands who also have recorded and rehearsed in the original Rumpus Room.  Steve Albini opened up the evening discussing his home/studio, Electrical Audio, the joys of anvil  ownership and the difficulty in scoring adobe from new mexico.

Jim Birch also video taped the show. The video for “Song #1” shows the Rumpus Room in its glory.

The full show is here.

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