7. Round Robin

we presented a round-robin show
@ Quenchers Saloon (Fullerton and Western)

photos by Beth Wiedner

Small Awesome
Lines and Terminals

all 3 bands will took turns playing their fine musics
over two sets with a break in between.
Mark Oster of Union Rock Yards videotaped the whole thing. it is here. For our closing number, all three bands combined forces for L&T’s “A Little Late for Lenny”. it looked and sounded like this.

secondly, the PRF Singles Club subscription series has closed and will be releasing eight 6-band, vinyl-only compilations over the next two years,.

We will be comp-rades on record #6 with
Walking Shadow (NY)
Half-Mile Fox Fur (TX)
the Gary (TX)
Police Teeth (WA)
Blood-Sucking Fiends (PA)

I have seen all of these bands live, save HMFF, and let me tell you, this will be fantastic.  very excited.
every band is submitting an exclusive song.

We will have 10 extra copies of our slab when it gets pressed, but other than that, all the records are spoken for.
thanks to those who subscribed!

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